How to use Aurasma App – with Wes & Lewis

Augmented reality has been around for a while now with many companies using it to hook and engage customers; for instance, Disney’s Hollywood Studios used Aurasma to bring the park to life with digital content surrounding their Star Wars Weekends.

Our Digital Leader’s have been wanting to trial the Aurasma APP for a while and discuss how they can use it in their lessons and school to enhance learning; last week they finally got round to testing it! Their creative juices are now flowing with ideas and so far they’ve come up with the following ways to use it:

  • Turn boring timeline displays in classrooms into interactive ones with video content
  • Bring famous people/places to life
  • Use on the weekly newsletter to engage parents
  • Interactive displays in the corridors – children can carry iPads on their travels so they’re always learning
  • Animate Maths problems
  • Give School Council another voice on displays with videos of them

This week, the Digital Leaders are running a speed share staff meeting and will be showing staff how to use Aurasma, Wes and Lewis have made the video below to support them and others.