Using iPads for assessment

In an earlier post I discussed using Plickers as an effective tool for assessment. Today, in Year 4, I shared with 4M the impact of using ‘Ping Pong Spot Networking’ and ‘Kahoot’.

Ping Pong Spot Networking
PingPong, is simple app, which allows the teacher to pose questions in various ways: Multiple choice 4, multiple choice 5, True/False, Text response and image. This could be used for maths questions, spellings, SPAG, science… as with Plickers the possibilities are endless. Children’s responses can be ‘Airplayed’ onto the board and ‘Best Mistakes’ screen shot and put on the class ‘Our Best Mistakes’ board for children to explain teir mistakes.

In order to use PingPong, teachers log in on their iPad app and children then log in on theirs as ‘Guest’, they then enter a room code, first name and they are then ready to go. When the teacher poses a question, they choose how they would like children to respond, eg: true/false, responses then come through to the teacher iPad. The teacher is then able to address misconceptions, look at which children can apply what has been asked, pose another question to those who need further revision work etc.

Another great assessment tool is Kahoot, which enables competition between pupils to answer questions, whilst the teacher assesses their understanding. Once you sign up to Kahoot you can create fun learning games in minutes (called ‘kahoots’), made from a series of multiple choice questions. You can also add videos, images and diagrams to your questions to amplify engagement!

In order to play, children go to their web browser, type in ‘‘ and then enter a game PIN along with their first name.

Have a listen to some of our Year 4 pupils and then try these Apps yourselves and see how creative you can be…