Coding clubs

At lunchtime today, Mrs Jones and Mrs Maddocks met with the Digital Leaders to discuss how the Spheros and BB8 will be used within lessons and also for coding club. Digital Leaders are going to decide who will run the clubs, when they will run, which year groups and when…

Post your suggetsions onto this post DLs…



Sketch Nation Club 08.10.15


Thank you to our digital leaders George and Amelie, plus our honorary leader Jess, for their efforts in today’s first Sketch Nation club with year 3.

The children were really enthusiastic and are keen to get going with their gaming creations. Remember you can try it out at home by visiting and downloading the free app.


In our first App Explorer club at lunchtime today, year 5 pupils experimented with Veescope Live, whilst year 4 pupils were introduced to Adobe Voice. They will be experiment further with these apps this week before they review them next week. Take a look at their first attempts…


trim.4AFA99DB-EC79-4740-96D1-36921DCBB80D from Leanne Maddocks on Vimeo.

Garage Band Week 1

Thank you to our digital leaders Oliver, Kai and George for introducing Garage Band to our first lunchtime club – Garage Band for Year 4 and Year 5. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had lots of fun trying out the different instruments and layering effects. Next week we will be trying to create specific sounds to hopefully share with class members and use in other subjects. Well done everyone.


If you came to our club please let us know what you liked best.

Mrs Jones and Mrs Maddocks