Apple store field trip – 01.02.16

Today, three Year 6 Digital Leaders (Kai, Tyler and myself…Jody) and our two lovely Assistant Headteachers (Mrs Shuttleworth and the cool geek Mrs Jones) took us on a field trip to the Apple Store in the Trafford Centre, Manchester.

Our journey to the Apple Store began with fear as all three of us believed we had been left behind and Mrs Shuttleworth and Mrs Jones had gone without us, as we thought we were leaving at 9am and not 9.30am! Luckily, no-one had left and we were anticipating our departure too early. Mrs Shuttleworth kindly offered to drive, having more seats in her car than Mrs Jones, and before we knew it we were in Manchester.

Mrs Jones came into the Apple Store with us and Mrs Shuttleworth insisted she would be fine doing some work in Starbucks with a cup of tea; she must have raced through her work as we’re sure she had John Lewis and Selfridge’s bags when we met her at 12.30pm!

We were greeted in the Apple Store by Zoe and Andy, two hardworking Apple employees, who taught us how to use iBook Author on the MacBooks. We love iBooks Author now! It is easy to use and easy enough to add media such as videos and 3D widgets. I recorded myself in Photo Booth and then imported the video into iBooks Author. We also used the Paper by Fifty Three app on the iPads along with the 53 pencil and air dropped our images into iBooks Author. When we’d finished we all shared our work and better still, were given an Apple pen-drive wristband with our work saved on. This made Mrs Jones’s day! We were also given awesome Apple t-shirts, which didn’t fit Mrs Jones!

The store walls were filled with amazing artwork, created using Apple products, by an ex- Apple employee who is now an aspiring artist in LA. In addition, we also found out that each table in the shop has a different number and each one holds a different group of devices, enticing customers and helping Apple product owners.

After a fantastic morning of learning in the store, we met Mrs Shuttleworth (with her bags) and headed to the food court to refill our now empty stomachs. After careful deliberation, we finally agreed on eating at Barburittos – a restaurant which specialisies in burritos – where Tyler dropped more food on the floor than in his mouth. But give him a break, it was his first burrito!

We then headed back to school in what felt like a white knuckle ride as it was extremely windy! Mrs Shuttleworth’s hands were glued to the steering wheel to keep us in a straight line! We are over the moon with our brilliant 1GB hard-rive wristbands and T-Shirts and very proud to be Digital Leaders; we can’t wait to tarin staff to use iBooks Author!

Jody 🙂