App of the week – Spark Video

Following on from making our ‘Keeping Safe Online’ video in Spark Video, we decided to make it our ‘App of the week’ and have used the Shadow Puppet App to create a screen cast on how to use it.

Once a video is saved to your cameral roll it can then be uploaded to Trilby TV.

Digital Leaders 🙂

Digital Leaders new recruits…

At lunchtime today we had our first Digital Leader meeting, with our new recruits! This year, we’re running our Digital Leader group slightly differently, we have six senior Digital Leaders in Year 6, with three extra new recruits from Year 6 and six from Year 5.

I was so impressed with how many girls applied and the exceptional high standard of their applications and presentations! It was a difficult choice to recruit this year with over 50 applications from Years 5 and 6.

We discussed creating a new Digital Leader logo, which will be made into badges and displayed on our blog, Twitter etc… Once Digital Leaders have designed a logo we’ll then let classes vote on their favourite design.

After we’ve had a few sessions (on basic training) then our Digital Leaders will start running lunchtime clubs for their peers and support staff with ICT.

I cannot wait to work with them!

Mrs Jones 🙂

whole group

‘Appy Monday Club

At ‘Appy Monday’ Club today, Wes and Lewis taught the Year 4 Digital Leader’s and pupils how to use ChatterPix Kids (similar to Yakit Kids) and also Shadow Puppets (to show steps to using Apps). Everyone was buzzing, at the end of the club, with ideas on how they can use both Apps in the classroom to enhance learning. Some said it  will be good for making historical figures, such as Guy Fawkes, come to life.

We can’t wait to see how it will be used…

Mrs Jones 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 14.07.48

New clubs for Spring Term 2

At lunchtime today, we had a Digital Leader meeting to discuss the following points:

  • Year 5 Digital Leader’s to support a parent workshop tomorrow, using Adobe Voice.
  • Year 6 Digital Leader’s assisiting at Parents’s evening tomorrow with parental questionnaires on the iPads.
  • Digital Leader Academy next week – our Digital Leader’s to suppport other schools.
  • New timetable of clubs and year groups to commence next week.

Mrs Jones 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 13.04.42



Apple store field trip – 01.02.16

Today, three Year 6 Digital Leaders (Kai, Tyler and myself…Jody) and our two lovely Assistant Headteachers (Mrs Shuttleworth and the cool geek Mrs Jones) took us on a field trip to the Apple Store in the Trafford Centre, Manchester.

Our journey to the Apple Store began with fear as all three of us believed we had been left behind and Mrs Shuttleworth and Mrs Jones had gone without us, as we thought we were leaving at 9am and not 9.30am! Luckily, no-one had left and we were anticipating our departure too early. Mrs Shuttleworth kindly offered to drive, having more seats in her car than Mrs Jones, and before we knew it we were in Manchester.

Mrs Jones came into the Apple Store with us and Mrs Shuttleworth insisted she would be fine doing some work in Starbucks with a cup of tea; she must have raced through her work as we’re sure she had John Lewis and Selfridge’s bags when we met her at 12.30pm!

We were greeted in the Apple Store by Zoe and Andy, two hardworking Apple employees, who taught us how to use iBook Author on the MacBooks. We love iBooks Author now! It is easy to use and easy enough to add media such as videos and 3D widgets. I recorded myself in Photo Booth and then imported the video into iBooks Author. We also used the Paper by Fifty Three app on the iPads along with the 53 pencil and air dropped our images into iBooks Author. When we’d finished we all shared our work and better still, were given an Apple pen-drive wristband with our work saved on. This made Mrs Jones’s day! We were also given awesome Apple t-shirts, which didn’t fit Mrs Jones!

The store walls were filled with amazing artwork, created using Apple products, by an ex- Apple employee who is now an aspiring artist in LA. In addition, we also found out that each table in the shop has a different number and each one holds a different group of devices, enticing customers and helping Apple product owners.

After a fantastic morning of learning in the store, we met Mrs Shuttleworth (with her bags) and headed to the food court to refill our now empty stomachs. After careful deliberation, we finally agreed on eating at Barburittos – a restaurant which specialisies in burritos – where Tyler dropped more food on the floor than in his mouth. But give him a break, it was his first burrito!

We then headed back to school in what felt like a white knuckle ride as it was extremely windy! Mrs Shuttleworth’s hands were glued to the steering wheel to keep us in a straight line! We are over the moon with our brilliant 1GB hard-rive wristbands and T-Shirts and very proud to be Digital Leaders; we can’t wait to tarin staff to use iBooks Author!

Jody 🙂

Bett 2016 in London

On Friday 22nd January, six of our Digital Leaders along with Miss Castle, Mrs Maddocks Mrs Sheldon and myself had a very early start (7.23am to be precise for them and 7.38am for me) to travel to the 2016 Bett Show at Excel in London. Two hours on the Virgin Train flew by and before we knew it Miss Castle was marching us from tube to tube to DLR to get us to Excel, in London’s Docklands.

I think the Digital Leaders cleared out most stands of sweets and anything else that wasn’t nailed down! We learnt lots and were truly inspired by the Year 2 Digital Leaders from Recreation Road Infant School along with secondary school Digital Leaders from King Edward VI School and Lady Lumley Secondary School’s Leaders. We also got to see Mr Hurst From Leverhouse Primary School (part of our Kaizen network) who was presenting on the Apple stand.

Miss Castle and Mrs Sheldon wanted to have a look round at tech, which will allow visitors at our school to sign in electronically when they arrive, and so Mrs Maddocks and I took the Digital Leaders to a Q and A session at #BettFutures with the fab Mark Anderson. I was extremely impressed with how they joined in his session and they couldn’t resist a selfie with him, which resulted in them winning a copy of Book Creator App.

After waving Goodbye to Bett for another year, and our Digital Leader’s wanting to return on the stage next year, we set off back to the city for Miss Castle’s whistle stop sightseeing tour. We managed to fit in: The Shard, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St James’ Park, Buckingham Palace – where we had a chat and selfie with the most polite police officer in London – tea at Hard Rock Cafe, on Old Park Lane, a quick dash to Leicester Square for some souvenir purcahses – including postcards for our up and coming British Values display then back to Euston! Not bad for a day in London!

As we boarded the 7.30pm train home everyone was still smiling, giggling and sharing memories of ‘the best day ever!’. I couldn’t be prouder of the Digital Leaders we took, not only for all they do in school but for their impeccable manners on the day and their maturity, they were an absolute pleasure to be with and I’ll remember Bett 2016  for a very long time!

Mrs Jones 🙂

How to use Aurasma App – with Wes & Lewis

Augmented reality has been around for a while now with many companies using it to hook and engage customers; for instance, Disney’s Hollywood Studios used Aurasma to bring the park to life with digital content surrounding their Star Wars Weekends.

Our Digital Leader’s have been wanting to trial the Aurasma APP for a while and discuss how they can use it in their lessons and school to enhance learning; last week they finally got round to testing it! Their creative juices are now flowing with ideas and so far they’ve come up with the following ways to use it:

  • Turn boring timeline displays in classrooms into interactive ones with video content
  • Bring famous people/places to life
  • Use on the weekly newsletter to engage parents
  • Interactive displays in the corridors – children can carry iPads on their travels so they’re always learning
  • Animate Maths problems
  • Give School Council another voice on displays with videos of them

This week, the Digital Leaders are running a speed share staff meeting and will be showing staff how to use Aurasma, Wes and Lewis have made the video below to support them and others.