New clubs for Spring Term 2

At lunchtime today, we had a Digital Leader meeting to discuss the following points:

  • Year 5 Digital Leader’s to support a parent workshop tomorrow, using Adobe Voice.
  • Year 6 Digital Leader’s assisiting at Parents’s evening tomorrow with parental questionnaires on the iPads.
  • Digital Leader Academy next week – our Digital Leader’s to suppport other schools.
  • New timetable of clubs and year groups to commence next week.

Mrs Jones 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 13.04.42



Lego Movie Animation with year 2

Following on from last week’s club, our year twos had fun building they lego and beginning to animate using the Lego Movie Maker animation app. Annabel was busy deciding on speech bubbles to add to her creation from last week.

Mrs M


Annabel’s masterpiece! An amazing first attempt at animation – well done!


A quick first attempt at animation directed my Amelie:

Kai took two year 2s under his wing to create this in less than 15minutes: