New clubs for Spring Term 2

At lunchtime today, we had a Digital Leader meeting to discuss the following points:

  • Year 5 Digital Leader’s to support a parent workshop tomorrow, using Adobe Voice.
  • Year 6 Digital Leader’s assisiting at Parents’s evening tomorrow with parental questionnaires on the iPads.
  • Digital Leader Academy next week – our Digital Leader’s to suppport other schools.
  • New timetable of clubs and year groups to commence next week.

Mrs Jones 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 13.04.42



We’ve created an E-safety film

One of our first jobs this year was to make an E-safety film and with ‘Safer Internet Day’ on 9th February, this spurred us on to produce one.

All of the Digital Leaders met and discussed concerns they have had online and what are the main priorities for keeping themselves safe. They then came up with a script and decided on images they would need. Next, they discussed what they would make it in and decided on Adobe Voice.

Jody suggested using Kahoot in assembly, to test children’s understanding of keeping safe, for instance: how old do you need to be to have an instagram account? They are then going to show the film and test children again afterwards to see what they have learnt. They are going to produce a different film for KS1 children; the film will also be shared with parents.

What do you think of it? 🙂


In our first App Explorer club at lunchtime today, year 5 pupils experimented with Veescope Live, whilst year 4 pupils were introduced to Adobe Voice. They will be experiment further with these apps this week before they review them next week. Take a look at their first attempts…


trim.4AFA99DB-EC79-4740-96D1-36921DCBB80D from Leanne Maddocks on Vimeo.