Mannequin challenge… part 1

Have you heard of the Mannequin Challenge? It’s taken the country by storm!

This latest craze is seeing people take videos of themselves standing completely still – like mannequins in a shop window. They then post it online, with everyone from groups of friends to A-list celebrities getting involved.

But why did everyone start doing this!? Well, the trend actually came over the Atlantic from the US. Kids in American schools started doing it last month – and it went viral from there!

Unlike the ice bucket challenge, which was for charity, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for the mannequin challenge.

It’s just good, silly fun! At Layton we love fun and so started our own mannequin challenge today, with a few of our classes. Which class will rise to the challenge next? Can we do this at lunch time? In a sports lesson?

Let’s have some fun! 🙂

LSA training

This afternoon, our Year 6 Senior Digital Leaders supported me in training all our LSAs in using Twitter and the blog. ALL our LSAs now have their own iPad and are using them effectively to enhance learning in the classroom. We can’t wait to see the extra tweets they’ll be posting of children’s work, to a global audience.

In two weeks we’ll meet again to look at filming and then uploading to YouTube! We’re excited to all learn together and develop our skills.

Mrs Jones 🙂

IMG_0190 IMG_0189

Digital Leaders new recruits…

At lunchtime today we had our first Digital Leader meeting, with our new recruits! This year, we’re running our Digital Leader group slightly differently, we have six senior Digital Leaders in Year 6, with three extra new recruits from Year 6 and six from Year 5.

I was so impressed with how many girls applied and the exceptional high standard of their applications and presentations! It was a difficult choice to recruit this year with over 50 applications from Years 5 and 6.

We discussed creating a new Digital Leader logo, which will be made into badges and displayed on our blog, Twitter etc… Once Digital Leaders have designed a logo we’ll then let classes vote on their favourite design.

After we’ve had a few sessions (on basic training) then our Digital Leaders will start running lunchtime clubs for their peers and support staff with ICT.

I cannot wait to work with them!

Mrs Jones 🙂

whole group