Essential iPad classroom Apps

GarageBand app – an intuitive interface to learn, create, record and share your hits worldwide.

iMovie app – lets you create films and film trailer type movies – add your own music from GarageBand.

Adobe Voice app – tell a story with images and audio

Adobe slate app – create a visual story

Puffin Academy –  enables Adobe Flash based educational websites on the iOS platform.

Veescope Live – Greenscreening on the iPad.

Comic Life

Book creator

Show me – iPad app – links to interactive whiteboard

Explain everything – iPad app – links to interactive whiteboard

Popplet – creates mind maps, great start of topic tool

Tellagami – tell a story on your iPad

QR reader – create QR codes then scan

Thinglink – makes images interactive

Chatterpix – make any picture talk

Telestory – Write, direct & star in your own TV show

Toontastic – create your own cartoons

Bitstrips – create a comic

Puppetpals – create shows with animation, audio in real time

Shadow puppet edu – create videos in the classroom