Weekly Vlog – 31.03.17

I cannot believe this is the last Vlog of the Spring term!
Year 5 did a cracking job as Sports Presenters and I think some of Year 6 could learn a thing or two from their presenting skills, well done!
Please leave your comments and feedback for the presenters 🙂

2 thoughts on “Weekly Vlog – 31.03.17

  1. Well done all you news reporters. Matthew you are a star.
    I will be keeping an eye out for the vlogs.
    Mrs Garlick

  2. Well done to you all!
    Year 6’s – try to use more up-levelled conjunctions for your news. Try learning your script before hand because it will make you look more efficient and it will engage your audience more.
    Dojo news, please remember to take pictures – we enjoy seeing the people who have achieved something special.
    Bring back birthdays – we miss them!
    Year 5 (and Libby) – well done for doing your research! Your presentation has improved because of practice and lack of arguing. Well done for working together. Who’s going to be as enthusiastic and as professional as these guys from year 5?
    Matthew – the best report that you’ve done! We really enjoyed the segment from Malham Cove. It was unique and interesting. We liked that you took time out of your fun residential to report back to us. Try and keep your prompts in front of you to keep eye contact with your audience.

    We loved it!

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