Vlog – 24.03.17

Apologies that there is no Sports News this week, the Year 5 children who were down to present did not do their research!

Matthew has a special guest presenter this week, he’d love to know what you think of their presenting skills!

Enjoy watching 🙂

70 thoughts on “Vlog – 24.03.17

  1. Weeeeeeell doooooone guys I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Watching the vlog its amazing Its a shame you didn’t do the sports news

  2. Well done guys with the best of all the vlogs yet . I’m looking forward to fridays vlog. Good look . All of you make me laugh .
    It was amazing hopefully we can fill the whole space around the room with dojos this week . I think we can do it .

  3. 3K have watched your VLOG this morning and we think it was a very funny video, thanks for the entertainment. Well done for all the hard work. Outstanding efforts to all of you, what a shame that 3K’s board was glitching. Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Well done good job guys you were amazing keep up the good exstreamly work keep it up all of the news were I hope the weather stays sunny it will was sunny yesterday

  5. Great Vlog! Welldone! I enjoyed it! Good job! It was awesome! I think Daniel should be in Weather News next week! WELLDONE! : ) ; )

  6. This weeks vlog was very good Me and my friend loved the weather but! There was no weather pics Ellie did a newsletter man impression

  7. Well done That was funny how Tom started singing with no one els. Well done for making the blog and a lot of work must have gone in to it.WELL DONE

  8. I really ❤️ watching the vlog. The birthday part is very funny because you make it very humorous! So I’d like to say a BIG well done!

  9. I really liked watching your vlog aspecily are class always enjoy the weather man.
    I think you all did a good job.three thumbs up for your amazing work!!!!
    Welldone from sophieH 4B

  10. The general news was good, we liked when you used your teamwork skills by helping each other with the script. You could start rehearsing your lines before recording.
    The birthday news is good and clear but the background can be quite distracting. The Dojo news could maybe organise their information before hand and not during the recording.
    The weather news was interesting this week by having company. Some of us think that Matthew works better by himself whereas some of us think that Dan should stay – just try not to be silly. Try not to move around as much because the green screen didn’t work as well.
    Year 5 – get some sports news! Do your research before Friday!
    Look forward to seeing next weeks!

  11. Great vlog. You must have out a lot of effort into this. This was amazing. I think Daniel should be on the weather news again next weak.
    Class 4B from Keira

  12. I really enjoyed the vlog this week and I am glad it is nice weather outside.I hope you have good fun at hothersul loge.

  13. I enjoyed that blog because it is very creative and marvellous I think that’s the best blog so for and I enjoyed watching Dan because he’s funny.

  14. I enjoyed watching this vlog because it it very creative and fun, it was also funny. I think 4B was proud of you’re hard work and entertainment. Well done guys!!!

  15. The weather was great this weekend – excellent reporting Matthew. I enjoyed your communication with Daniel through the report.
    I like the reports where children show photographs so we know who and what you are talking about.
    Keep up the hard work guys.

  16. I would love to have dan back he was great .
    The dojo news was funny.
    The actuall clog was good.
    Why was there no sports news.

  17. I really like this weeks dojo news, thank you for being so sensible ( not like the others).And remember the sports news.

  18. I loved the vlog my favourite was birthday news and everything else so keep up the hard work guys you made everyone laugh because it is that funny

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