56 thoughts on “Weekly Vlog – 17.03.17

  1. Another great Vlog – I think the presenting skills are becoming more professional each week. Well done everybody involved!
    Perhaps if you ask Mrs Davies in the office, she will print you a list of birthday children each week and then you can name them all.
    Matthew – please can I put an order in for some sunshine next week : )

  2. FK have enjoyed watching this today, they said thank you when it ended. Harrison said he loved the red noses. Mayson loved the part when you mention Foundation Stage making Gingerbread Man. Well done, great job!

  3. 2A really enjoyed this week’s VLOG and are impressed with all of the hard work you have put into it. We particularly enjoyed the weather section although it wasn’t great news with all the rain we had!! The children in 2A are looking forward to their next birthday because we liked the minions dancing in the background 🙂 great work – keep it up!

  4. Well done guys in next weeks vlog hopefully their will be more dojo winners. This vlog always makes me laugh keep going. Do forget to mention it is now SPRING!

  5. Good job guys but on Sunday it was pouring down! The dojo’s were pretty small in there amounts. I like watching the vlog so see you next time p.s carry on with the vloging . But at sport you were pretty silly tom ,Dom and keggan

  6. I love the blog it is great and I am hoping that more people will be having birthday’s good job. I am looking forward to seeing the next blog’s. Keep up the spectacular blog’s.

  7. Love watching the VLOG as it always makes me smile. Hopefully, with today being the official first day of Spring, we will have lots of good weather coming our way! I will get a weather picture for you this week Matthew

  8. 4D all loved your vlog ❤️ It was so cool Dom I amazed I love your vlog I whish I could be as good as you at everything

  9. Awesome commentating boys. I think Tom could talk non stop for at least a hour.
    I think the birthday announcements are a great idea. Well done.

  10. Well done for improving with your presentation. Well done for not arguing. You gave us good information.
    The news was nice and positive and good luck with your sats!
    We liked that you gave the feature of asking us to send you photos of the weather.

    Keep it up! 😀

  11. 4B loved this week’s vlog – we thought it was very creative and funny as always, especially Matthew the Weatherman! We will try and get some weather photos for you 🙂 Maybe when you visit each classroom to ask for news, the teachers could give you the names of the children who have birthdays that week? Well done! 🙂

  12. We enjoyed watching the Vlog in 2N. Jaxon particularly enjoyed where the boys mentioned the gingerbread man video in foundation stage. Ollie liked hearing about dojos news to find out KS2’s dojo winners. Ashling especially liked the birthday part and Evie enjoyed watching her big brother sing happy birthday! Olivia liked the sports segment and Justin said he enjoyed it all!

    Thank you!

    from 2N

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