11 thoughts on “Keep safe online

  1. A superb video girls! I’ve just shared it with my own 10 year old daughter and she thought it was really easy to understand and very helpful. Thanks guys!

  2. Well done to the Year Six Digital Leaders especially Kerry, Jocelyn and Hannah what a professional and informative video. I think 2D will be watching this tomorrow.

  3. Well done Kerry, Jocelyn and Hannah. This is very informative and professional and will be a great resource to use in assemblies.

  4. A really informative video girls with plenty of really sensible tips for everyone. Well done! You should be really proud.

  5. This morning I met with the educational adviser from the awaken team. She sat in reception waiting for me and saw this presentation on Trilby TV. She was overwhelmed by the quality of your work. She said she would love to use it in her assemblies when she travels around Blackpool advising children in schools of how to stay safe online. I felt very proud of Layton Primary School. Well done again!!

  6. Very professional ladies, with some excellent tips. I am really impressed! This will be great to share with the Year 2 children. Thank you.

  7. Woo amazing I like it so much Mathew about the weather it’s good and dojos I hope people get some more soon all you wooooo I can not wat to see the weather

  8. This was a very good video – very professional. 4B thought a lot of time and effort must have gone into this, which was worth it! Everyone in our class now knows how to stay safe online.

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