17 thoughts on “Weekly Vlog – 10.03.17

  1. Very professional girls, although the boys made me giggle!
    Well done to the lads who went to Doncaster ⚽️
    Matthew- no rain for Chester this weekend please as I’ll be visiting there myself.☔️

    Miss Hargreaves

    • Let’s hope Matthew has some good weather news for Chester Miss Hargreaves! I’m running another 10k on Sunday and Blackpool and would like to know what the weather will be like.
      Mrs Jones 🙂

  2. Well done everyone. The vlog and weather is one thing that makes my Sunday special. Great job! Girls you were like professional news readers!

  3. Well done girls x The news was read very professionally x Dojo and sports news are getting better each week . Weather once again amazing x Keep up the good work

  4. The weather man was really good because he knew what he was saying and he was really confident. Well done for concentrating on the camera.
    We liked the amount of information and how enthusiastic you were. However, it would make the dojo news better if you did not argue.
    The year 6 girls were fantastic as they were efficient and precise with their lines.
    Keep up the fabulous effort and keep on trying to improve presenting skills.
    From 5N : )

  5. I loved this vlog it was very informative amd you weren’t silly but the dojo news guys are still to loud when they are opening their part and I hope the towns damaged by storm Doris gets repaired soon.

  6. Well done to everybody that took part in this weeks vlog.
    Everybody was very confident as they knew what they were saying and they looked up at the camera more than they were looking at the script.
    Well done everybody. 🙂

  7. Well you read the news like proper professionals.
    Matthew I hope you know the weather for when we go to hodthersoll .
    Dojo news well done you get better each week try and be more mature.
    Sports news well done Layton primary school in Doncaster.
    Hannah 6BR

  8. 3K have thoroughly enjoyed watching this weeks Vlog. The class dojo and sport news made us laugh and the girls news had some excellent information. Our favourite part was Matthew’s weather report because he was extremely professional. Keep up the fantastic work, well done everybody! 🙂

  9. Thanks Matthew – your advice was spot on. I definitely didn’t need sunglasses but still had a great time shopping with my friends and seeing the historical sights in Chester.
    Keep up the great forecasting!

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