Weekly vlog – 03.03.17

Due to popular demand, Matthew is back presenting the weather, let’s see what the week ahead holds!

Like Year 6, Year 5 are now taking it in turns to present ‘Sports News’ and this week Josh joins the ‘Dojo’ boys.

Please let all the presenters know your thoughts and views.

Thanks for watching 🙂

76 thoughts on “Weekly vlog – 03.03.17

  1. Very professional, Blake, Hannah E and Kerry
    Good news for the dojo
    Nice sports news, guys
    Mathew, great job on the weather!

  2. Hannah, Blake and Kerry were amazing they were very enfusastic. The boys were very good the girls were funny the weather man Mathew always brings a smile to my face. It was so good.

  3. Hannah Kerry and Blake- Well Done great reporting guys x Very enthusiastic
    Dojo News- Very Good
    Sports News- Great job girls and great interview Jake.
    Weather- I love the new section on the Vlog.Well done Matthew.~ Paige x

    Well done to everyone who participated in this weeks blog I really enjoyed watching how you explained everything.
    My favourite part is weather-well done Matthew
    I really like the way you explained the sports news


  4. Best vlog yet but I did find a flaw it was with the dojo news when you start it can you tone your voices down a bit.

  5. Sports news forgot about the orienteering competition !!
    It was on Wednesday at Stanley park we also came 4th .

  6. I think you were all very good but I think the dojo news could be improved because they stated talking about sports news.

  7. Just want to say a big thank you to all the people that have taken time out of their schedule to watch the vlog and all the nice comments

  8. Well done you were all very good . Keep up the good work. The weather man was very good and makes me smile.

  9. Great blog Kerry,Hannah.E and Blake I really enjoyed this weeks blog.
    I realy enjoyed the weather news as well. Good job mathew

  10. I loved watching last weeks vlog! It was so good and I loved it. Well done to all the people in they vlog.☔️.

  11. Welcome to the vlog Matthew you were and are hilarious it was very good news this week I hope u enjoy doing the vlog Matthew always keep smiling everyone from millie 6r

  12. Well done to Hannah,Blake and Kerry for doing last weeks vlog. I’ve got to say that Matthew was really good at the weather

  13. Well done another great vlog. Matthew was great for his second time and everyone was great to. Well done guys.

  14. My class have Matthew the weatherman he try’s his best to give everyone what they expected and and I think that he’s doing more then that everyone wants to watch his small but happy part of the vlog whats always nice knowing that people want to watch you! So Matthew well done you are doing great so never stop being happy

  15. I think Dan Tyler and Lewis should do this week as they not done it in such long time together. I always proud of everyone.

  16. Well done for all of your hard work that you have put into this video. Thank you for letting us watch it! It was very funny and a pleasure to watch.

    From all of 4B

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