Weekly vlog – 24.02.17

This week’s Vlog features a new weather slot from Layton’s own weatherman, Matthew in Year 6! Each week he’ll keep us updated of storms and the week ahead.

Starting this week, Year 5 will sign up for presenting Sports news, like Year 6 do, giving them all the opportunity to be journalists and presenters.

Please let us know your thoughts on the Vlog 🙂

95 thoughts on “Weekly vlog – 24.02.17

  1. Great work guys I love how we now have a weather man. It really lets the younger children know what the weather is like – Paige x
    Great work for everyone who took a place on the blog.and the best part is when the weather man showed the weather.Disandhi.

  2. My favourite one is all of them but I think the best one is the weather news because it’s showing about weather and weather is super duper AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 5N would just like to say well done! We liked the enthusiasm and the entertainment. Here are a few of 5N’s tips for next time:
    . try to look at the camera more when presenting
    . try not to argue with each other
    We look forward to getting the chance to take on your roll.

  4. I loved the video I really hoped that Dorris didn’t happen beacause it destroyed all of the uk and I think the dojo people should practice because they didn’t know what to say.

  5. Wow everyone who was in that vlog was incredible,everyone has done a wonderful part and that’s why I loved it. It’s the best vlog Laytons made; WELL DONE

  6. You guys were really good at the vlog this week keep up the good work make sure next weeks vloggers are just as informative and fun but not to silly.

  7. The Weather news told me something I didn’t know, that Storm Dorris flooded the promenade and Sainsburys closed from it. Great work.

  8. I liked the sports news it was very interesting about sports a well done everybody I think it was good and very good speech

  9. A like all the news stories but I can t believe that the storm Doris flooded the promenade! And I wonder the next dojo winners. Good work guys

  10. Well done guys you did excellent I like how you changed all the themes so like news to dojo also the storm Doris was definitely horrible.

  11. Well done all of you have done so well I know I would never have the guts to do something like that and I like the fact that it is like real news that you watch on TV.

  12. I would like to say well done that was amazing thanks for making it I love the way you made it I hope you can do it more but well done

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