6 thoughts on “Week 14 Vlog – 16.12.16

  1. Girls – you were brilliant – maybe even better than the boys!

    Thank you for featuring our Year 1 play. It went very well and everyone enjoyed it. I want to say a special mention to Mrs Looker who wrote our pantomime. She is amazing.

    If you’ve got time, pop down to Year 1 this week. We’ve got an update on the missing snowmen.

  2. Well done girls. Shocking news about the stolen Christmas tree, it’s almost like the Grinch is lurking somewhere in Layton Primary trying to steal Chriatmas. :-0

    A big well done to all the learners of the half term, they’ve all worked very hard to get it.

  3. Well done, girls, I was most impressed with your extremely professional news reading – and lots of well researched detail in there too. Excellent!!

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