A day with Google Expeditions

On Friday 14th October, Liane from Google Expeditions came and spent the day with KS2 and what a fantastic day it was for everyone!

Obviously, the KS2 staff had to ‘try out’ the App and kit before the children did. It was just as much fun watching the teachers use the kit and hearing their screams of ‘look at that man at the top of the building’ and then watcing Mr Moor walking forward towards a stone!

You can read about the App below and then watch some short videos of the staff and children using the App, listen to what Samira in Year 6 thought of the session.

What is Google Expeditions?

Expeditions combines three things: software built with teachers for teachers, immersive content and devices that are available to any school.

Expeditions are collections, scenes or virtual reality panoramas — 360° photo spheres, 3D images and video — annotated with details, highlights, and questions that make them easy to integrate into curriculum already used in schools. Partners like the American Museum of Natural History, the Planetary Society, David Attenborough’s production company Alchemy VR, and many other museums and Google Cultural Institute partners have helped create custom educational content for Expeditions.

The App

Expeditions are accessed and viewed through the Expeditions App. Teachers can choose an Expedition and lead a group of students through a virtual field trip, selecting the content they’re viewing and pointing out specific points of interest along the way. Teachers are able to pause trips to get the class’s attention, play ambient sounds to make the experience more immersive and even let students explore on their own.


Vlog – week 4

Each week we’ll be filming a Vlog and  sharing what has happened in our school throughout the week.

Tyler, Lewis and Dan, in Year 6, are doing a cracking job of presenting and will welcome guest presenters too. They’d love to know your thoughts on the Vlog and what you’d like to see, so please leave your comments on this post.

Thanks all 🙂