Macmillan coffee morning & cake sale

This morning, we held our Macmillan coffee morning, it was great to see some of our parents, grandparents and carers come out in the rain to support such a good cause. After school, we then held our cake bake sale and cannot believe the genorosity of everyone for the cakes brought in and sold.

We’ll let you know on Monday how much was raised.

Thank you everyone! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Macmillan coffee morning & cake sale

  1. The cakes were delicious.
    I had a chocolate muffin and a red velvet cupcake, I couldn’t wait to eat them so I ate them on the way home.

  2. A cake sale. It was a very good one because there were so many cakes to choose from. I had a flower cake and who ever made it they did a good

  3. We really liked this video; you’ve made us hungry for cake again! Well done to everybody who took part in the cake sale. We’re really proud of Kieran!

  4. The cake sell was really good but I hope every one had fun i didn’t make it and it looked really good well done kiran for wining the cake sell.

  5. The Macmillan cake sale was awesome. All of the cakes looked amazing ( especially p.e teacher Kieran’s cake) it looked like a massive Oreo. Well done Kieran. 🙂

  6. The chocolate choices were unbelievable to choose from.
    Kieran’s chocolate cake was scrumptious,well done best
    And thank you everyone who supported Macmillan coffee morning.

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