Sphero & BB8

Today Mrs Jones, Mrs Maddocks, The Digital Leaders and I watched Sphero and BB8 move around in class 6R. It is very clever how the inventors code them to do everything they can. They are really cute things that roll around the floor or anywhere you want. I enjoy doing coding and things like this.

2 thoughts on “Sphero & BB8

  1. I agree Jodi. It is adorable how clumsily they roll around the floor, especially when Fred (that was the name of the Sphero that was used for the demonstration this lunchtime) danced around to his own disco music while acting as the disco ball! I also loved it when he sneezed and shot backwards. Also, the BB-8’s sound effects really do match the movie’s.

  2. Hi Jody – it’s great to see you blogging! Did you prefer BB8 or Sphero? I persoanlly like BB8’s character and seeem to think he’s like a little pet! You can do a lot with Sphero though too!
    Mrs Jones 🙂

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