Meet our new Digital Leaders…

In our KS2 assembly this morning we announced our new Digital Leaders, who will be joining our existing team of Year 6 leaders. We still have three, year two children to tell and will do this in Friday’s KS1 assembly.

Congratulations to all the successful candidates and also to the sixty children who applied and all thirty who were interviewed! There will be plenty of opportunities for all of you to take part in clubs.


Interviewing prospective Digital Leaders


This morning the interviews began for prospective Digital Leaders. If you were interviewed we’d like to know how you think it went.

What do you think will make you a good Digital Leader?

Tell us about when you have been helpful.

We look forward to reading your comments.

Mrs Jones, Mrs Maddocks and the Digital Leaders


P.S – Please only use your first name and class. If you don’t have an email address please just use

Challenge Siri

Yesterday, Mrs Jones used Siri with her Maths group, as a challenge for everyone to see if they could beat him at answering Maths questions. Today, it was the turn of Mrs Rollinson’s maths group to challenge super Siri ; throwing questions at him and racing to see who would win . A former member of Mrs Rollinson’s maths group [Jess] was up against Siri. It was a succesful win for Layton and fail for siri. GO LAYTON AND OUR CALCULATER BRAINS !!!!!

Amelie and Jess 🙂


Using ‘Kahoot!’ in class

At App club, we discussed using Kahoot, a game-based blended learning platform, which allows both teacher and pupils to research, create, collaborate and share knowledge. It gives pupils a voice in the classroom, and allows teachers to engage and focus children through assessment and creativity. We tried it out in Maths today and it was brilliant as a lesson starter, creating lots of participation, discussion and questioning.

Mrs Jones set up an account first and then made 10 questions, which were focused on fractions, decimals and percentages. The idea is that you type a question in and then add 1 correct answer and 4 incorrect answers, for each correct answer pupils receive points and can see where they are on a leader board. Once finished and saved simply click ‘play’. On an iPad, children then go to Safari and type in ‘’ and click on the link, they will then be asked to type in a PIN number, this will be dispalyed on the teachers’ MacBook, which is airplayed onto the board. Children then answer on their iPads, which unites the lesson – creating a ‘campfire moment’ – encouraging players to look up.